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Zirconia Prosthesis

Zirconium is one of the technological and aesthetic material of todays dental techniques. It is frequently used in the making of crowns and bridges. Because of it’s biological compatibility, it’s similarity to natural teeth and less losing of tooth structures, it is quite advantageous. Howewer, this does not mean that we can make constant protheses from zirconium. The color of patient’s teeth, the gaps where it would be applied, patients orthodontic situations effect the type of prothese to be applied on the patient.

If the choice is beside the zirconium, a cut is made on the teeth, the roughnesses are fixed and the cutted tooth is prepared for measure. The important here is the paralellism of teeth. Both of jaws are measured and the temporary prothese is produced and planted on the patient.

At the end of the rehearsals, with the patients and the dentists confirmation, the real prothese is planted and patients usage has begun.

There are some advices to the patient. Which are:

  1. You should not eat for at least an hour.
  2. You should not use the prothese side of your mouth.

  3. You should start eating with soft foods and leave the hard ones for later.

  4. If you notice any height or roughness, you should see your dentist immediately.