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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

To have an aesthetic and healthy mouth is not hard in this era.

Your teeth carries high importance by your health and your social life. When we lose any of our teeth our life is hardened. The difficulty you experience and the anxiety you have when you smile exposes the need of a medical cure in every view.

Tooth aesthetics are the medical applications to organise teeth paralellities, color and it’s concordance with your facial lines. For succesful applications, a good plan about sensitive teeth, tooth decays, teeth with gaps, broken teeth, etc. must be considered. For these treatments; laminates, whitening techniques, porcelain restorations, fiber applications and sensivity improvers are used mostly.

The important thing is a dentist should know his/her patient well and use the right technique with proper materials. Our intention is to have beautiful and healthy smiles with modern technologies at sterilized clinics.