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What Are Implants?

Implants are the best alternatives alike natural teeth. Implants are artificial roots placed in jaws to support protheses. With implants, better talking and chewing functions and a natural facial aesthetics can be preserved compared to traditional bridges and protheses.

There is 3 different factors have influence on success of implant treatment; the patient, the dentist and the implants have been used.

Factors That Rely On Patient

Patient’s health condition can effect implant treatments success.Vitamin D level can effect bone healing process. Also uncontrolled diabetes can impact the healing process badly. Because of that, the patients level of HbA1c should be tracked. Patients should be cautious after the surgery and care their daily dental care. To suppress cold onto operated area from outside of the face. And they should not forget about taking their prescripted medicine.

Factors That Rely On Dentist

Dentist should preserve optimum sterilisation conditions and be gentle on surgery. Dentist should be on touch with the patient on the surgery day and afterwards.

Factors That Rely On Implants

The implants used nowadays are a compound of Titanium, Aluminium and Vanadium or pure Titanium. The implants diameter and length should be chosen according to the patients anatomical structure.

The main subject about implants are to build protheses on them. Implants are just support of the protheses. In implant dentistry; manufacturing protheses accord to the patients anatomy is important