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The Care of İmplant Supported Crown and Bridges

The implants take place in your mouth require a better care than your regular teeth. By most ways they are alike your roots, because of their direct contact with the bone they are into and differences with soft tissue around it, their daily care must be made more carefully.

At the present time, the root form implants are used routinely. For that reason; the neck of your implants that directly connected to your gums should be cleaned all around and to be cleansed of plaques. Implant supported protheses are to be cleaned by interdental floss, super floss, ultra floss or water jet should be used according to the gaps of interface besides the toothbrush and toothpaste and clean the places that brush can’t reach.

Patients who had implants or planning to; can lose their implants for the same reason they have lost their teeth. Also the care of crown/bridge or removable prostheses care are as important as the care of implants.

After all; the daily dental care after the implantation is more important than everything. You may have cared about your teeth care but you should never postpone your daily implant care.