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Periodonthology is the branch that takes interest in tissues around teeth and illnesses about them and post-surgeries. The care of tissues around teeth are as important as general tooth care. Patients can even lose their teeth because of gum illnesses. When teeth is not cleaned properly, food leftovers may cause plaques, tooth decays and gum suppurations. In 48 hours, saliva gathers on these plaques and tooth stones occur.

Healthy gums are pale pink, hard and matt. It does not bleed without a reason while brushing. The most important symptom is gum bleeding. Swollen, crimsoned and sensitive gums are problemed. Dragged gums cause tooth roots to get exposed and creates sensivities again. And beyond all that reasons, bad scents and tastes can be an indicator about gum diseases. If it doesn’t be prevented or cured, it can advance to a major gum diseases. Because of that, about any disturbances caused by your gums you should consult a dentist and not miss the chance of early treatments.

Cigarattes mask the bleeding tissues and it triggers the gum diseases. Also hormonal changes can affect gums. Saliva is the best protector of your teeth. Any particular deformation on your salivas compound can cause a gum disease. But before all these factors, the gum diseases rely on your genetics.

Gum illnesses can be prevented and cured easily on early diagnosis. Over 35 years, tooth losings are frequent because of gum illnesses. If you keep your dentists advices on your mind and keep your mouth clean, you can minimize the chance of your tooth deformations. You should have your mouth checked every 6 months for healthy teeth and gums.