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Orthodontics words comes from Greek words Ortho ’’shapely,straight’’ and Odons ’’tooth’’. As it seems from the words’ meaning, Orthodontics is the science subsection of the deviousness with teeth on jaws and face ,between jaw bones and jaw-skull correlations. The placement of jaw bones and teeth is so important for aesthetic and health both. Because of the importance of appearance today has made orthodontics quite important. Simple and complex tooth distortions caused by narrow area for teeth, growth and evolution deficiencies, birth sourced inaccuracies , anomalies between teeth and jaw and subsequently deformed teeth sequences are at the scope of orthodontics.

Like every dental operation, right diagnostics are the most important thing before orthodntic operations. The main subject on orthodontic operation is a good closing. Which it means normal shaped and organised teeth and to be in harmony with jaw bones. A good closing faciliates eating,chewing and talking and good chewing means good digestion. It improves the dental care and general health and increases self confidence.

When the Patient Realizes Orthodontical Distortions?

Alike with every disease, tooth problems begin at pre-birth. While mother is pregnant, her eating habits can cause tooth deformities on baby. After the birth, at the babies 6-7 years the first orthodontic control is recommended. AAO( American Association of Orthodontics) suggest that kids should be examined before they are 7. At this age, orthodontist may find problems about jaw and tooth development early while kid still has his/her milk tooth. The identification of abnormaly is important because some orthodontic problems can be treated easier when it has been found before. Most patients treatment start between ages of 9-14. Skeletally deformations can be solved before child’s growth period ends.

With the new implementations , there is not an age limit at most treatments. There is plenty of treatment choices for adults and with aesthetic approaches considering the patients comfort and satisfaction.

The Reasons of Orthodontic Problems

Starting from the genetic factors, usage of teat and kids finger sucking habits can trigger the orthodontic problems at kids. To prevent this problems, minimizing the usage of synthetic teats and without making the baby feed passively. Also the location and the structure of the wisdom teeth must be detected and treated if necessarily. If not, it may create orthodontic problems or even affect the other teeths structure.

The Duration of Orthodontic Treatments In Our Clinic

Orthodontics are another speciality and the duration of cure can be long. Crooked teeth lining and their cleaning is harder than normal teeth. And it may cause tooth decays and gum disturbances. Because of that, it is necessary to consult an orthodontist.

Before beginning the orthodontic treatments, if exists the other tooth problems must be cured and teeth, mouth and jaws should be prepared for orthodontic surgery. After these processes are completed,all your orthodontical problems can be cured with the help of our expert Orthodontist Dentist.