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Laminate Veneer

Porcelain laminate veneer protheses are dental operations made to correct the distortion of form,color and position on teeth and gives quite aesthetic results. Because of its thinness, light conductivity, similarity to normal tooth are requested by patients and been frequently made by dentists. Laminate veneer protheses require good precision and particularity. There may be made some abrasion on tooth mines. On over coloring patients, depth of cutting can be increased to increase the chance to mask the color. Which leads to; color and position of teeth specifies the amount of cutting.

Laminate veneer protheses are used onto people;

  • Who can’t get a pleasing result for teeth coloring, genetic or constructional.
  • Who has gaps between front teeth.
  • Who requests instead of orthodontic treatments.
  • Who has cracked, fractured or decayed front teeth.
  • Who has repeated and unaesthetic frontal teeth composite restorations.
  • Who need aesthetic healing and crown langthening.