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Inley onley Restorations

Inley-Onley is a solution inbetween the fillings and crowns. This method is used when there is not enough teeth tissue to restorate or when crown usage can severely damage teeth. The difference between Inley, Onley and Overlay is the area they take cover.

Inleys and Onleys are made of ceramic, fiber reinforced composites or hybrid porcelain-composite materials.

Usually, there’s not enough intact teeth tissue left after root canal treatments or severe tooth decays. To treat these teeth in conventional procedures these type of teeth should be prepared for crowns and it causes the loss of the essential tissues. To prevent to lose already weakened teeth tissue, dentists choose this type of restorations. The life span of this restorations may change according to the materials have been used, the state of tooth it has been made, chewing forces, patients oral hygiene and regular check-ups by dentist. Generally they preserve for decades.

How The Operation Is Made?

The restorations can be completed in laboratories or clinics by CAD-CAM systems. The remaining healthy teeth structure, makes dentist to decide the type of restoration.

What are the advantages of Inleys and Onleys?

They are aesthetic and long lasting. They preserve the remaining healthy teeth tissue. The risk of micro leakage and secondary decays are minimum. Tooth-restoration accordance is quite sensitive.