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How To Brush Your Teeth

The most effective way to protect your teeth is to gain the routine of brushing teeth. You must brush your teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day with right techniques. The point in brushing is to clean the bacterias in every corner of teeth and to prevent the plaque in between teeth-gums. Beside the toothbrush cleaning, according to the interfaces of teeth you must use floss or interdental brush alike products to prevent bacterias or plaques formation to bare minimum. Toothbrush type choosing is variable according to gum health, protheses or implants. Usually mechanic and manual toothbrushes are a better choice. However nowadays there’s electric and rotating brushes exist. These type of brushes are more efficient and faster to care.

At the present; usage of toothpaste is taken for as important as the toothbrushes. As a communal perception, the expensive toothpastes are taken for better. For that, great amount of expenses are paid to expensive brands. But the main subject is the physical cleaning in daily dental care. The right brushing does the 90-95% percent of dental care. The purpose of usage of the toothpastes are to remove the plaques on teeth and to prevent it to replace on teeth. So we just use the toothpaste as a chemical disabler in dental care.

To say clearly; in daily dental care the important thing is not what toothpaste can do, but how can you use the toothbrush and the interdental cleaning efficiently.