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Composite Restoration

Tooth restoration is as old as humanity. Archeological researches shows that even in the oldest times, tooth decay and missing teeth have been worked with natural materials and partly been successful. In time various restoration materials have been developed and the cures were made with these products. However the researches shows the metallic restorations are chemically harmful for health.

The mercury inside the amalgam restorations can evaporate while and after the operation and can be harmful. This situation in removing the amalgams is still continuing and both the patient and the dentist to exposure mercury vapour. By this uncovered damages the amalgam restorations have been relinquished in the entire world. By it's proven damages in our clinic, the amalgam restorations are not being used and in our treatments to our patients.

By the help of modern technology, the restorations can be made by composite materials that stick onto teeth and mimic it’s shade. Isolation, shade accordance and right technique is required in making of composite restorations. For isolation, in our clinic we use RUBBER DAM that is required for restoration.

Therefore; aesthetic, long lasting restorations can be made comforted and painless with latest technology.