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Child Dentistry

Instead of adults, dentists should give a good impression to children. Because, the phobia of dentists usually occur because of the previous bad experiences. To prevent these fears to take shape, it is important that children’s first dentist experiences should be pleasing them.

Pregnant women’s daily dental care is quite important. The baby gets his/her Calcium from mother and it’s the mother’s job to provide it. If mother can’t get enough Calcium, severe teeth problems or even tooth losing may occur. Especially at the first 3 months interfering on mother is the last chance without any medicines.

After the birth, baby gets teeth itch at 3 or 4 months. When baby is 1 year old, he/she may have 4-6 teeth normally. Before these phases, baby observes the parents when they are doing their dental care. And when baby understands that, this is something should be done regularly, babies dental care should begin. Children like to do what parents do, not what they say. Because of that reason, your attitude against dentists or dental examinations state your child’s attitude too. It will help you to prevent your child to have a prejudice that if you don’t share a disturbing memory of yours with your child before a dental examination .

After the first teething, children should gain the habit of brushing to lower the risk of having teeth problems later. The most important phase of growth is between 0-6 ages. Human character and brain develops greatly and it is easier to make child gain good habits.

With that reason, for the cure and early diagnosis of the tooth problems including baby tooth, it is our biggest mission to be the choice of sensible parents with friendly dentist approach.